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Thread: Spanish ZZRmada

Created on: 09/04/13 02:01 PM

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Spanish ZZRmada
09/04/13 2:01 PM

Me and her indoors have just got back from another cracking ZZR cruise to Spain. This time we went from Bilbao to La Duquesa (near Gibraltar) without using a single motorway. If you've often thought about going on a Spanish hack but never quite got round to it, or you feel a tad apprehensive about riding in Spain, take it from me it's well worth all the effort (and cash!)

The N and A roads in Spain are simply amazing. Great examples are the N111 from Soria to Logrono and the A397 from Marbella to Ronda, you'd be forgiven for forgetting you're not on a track day. The roads are, by UK standards, devoid of traffic, the road surfaces are excellent, no cats eyes to trip you up on tight corners, great visibility of the road ahead and of course, the weather...mucho buena!! And here's a video clip to prove it (not the best of the roads but I never seemed to have the camera on when we got to the best bits...and I certainly didn't want to stop to put it on)

N432 to Cordoba...

Some things that I've learned on my trips around Spain are, there are 2 types of driver on the road, Spanish drivers and foreign Drivers. Once you've Sussed that out, if you remember 4 simple principles you'll get by ok

1 when it comes to driving, Foreign drivers don't know what the rules are
2 Spanish drivers don't care what the rules are
3 zebra crossings don't mean anything
4 everybody has right of way!

Remember these 4 principles and you won't go far wrong...the only two things that should cause your blood to run cold are; a Spanish driver reversing, and a Spanish driver with his indicators on.

So, what are you waiting for, you've got the bike so take it to biking heaven, when you get there slap on the Grin Factor 30 Funscreen and have yourself a trip you won't forget.

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RE: Spanish ZZRmada
09/09/13 3:17 AM

thanks york, good description and i fully concur with your 'rules' lol
i did that road to rhonda with the canonball in 2011, we were mostly redlining in first and second gear....all i can say is....phew! :)

sooo many busas......sooo little time!

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