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Thread: 2011 zzr14 versus 2012

Created on: 05/08/12 12:51 AM

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2011 zzr14 versus 2012
05/08/12 12:51 AM

Hi all
Am thinking of getting a Zzr14, and see a few uk dealers have both 2011 and 2012 models for sale.

I would be interested to know the technical differences in the two models, as there is quite a difference in price.

Are they basically the same bike with some minor differences or are they substantially different, eg different chassis, suspension. Do they handle differently.

Looking forward to your input. Bike will be used mostly for two up riding, often with luggage. I do like a firm sporty ride.


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South West Florida

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RE: 2011 zzr14 versus 2012
05/09/12 12:07 AM

I ride a 2008 ZX-14 everyday and I test rode the 2012 ZX-14R at the Kawasaki demo ride and it was night and day the 2012 was more comfortable handled better and you have the traction control for when you get caught in the rain! And if I was buying a new bike right now it would be the 2012 ZX-14R!! hope this answers your questions!

Team panda (ride safe ride sober)

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RE: 2011 zzr14 versus 2012
05/09/12 4:34 AM

as cooter has said, night and day! though if its possible to get a test on both models it might be worth it as the older model may suit you just as well?
if you can stretch to the new model, go for it!

sooo many busas......sooo little time!

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RE: 2011 zzr14 versus 2012
05/12/12 1:00 PM

The 2012 stil have the looks of the first generation just more sharper. But the bike is new in every way, 11mm longer swingarm and a few pounds more on its waist, but it feels alot lighter and nimbler. The seat is better(i am trying to find out if it fist on gen1, couse il buy it then).The injection is 99.999999% perfect and its so frigging smoth even tho the gen1 was smoth to.
The suspension is much much better. It has traction control, power mods and slipper clutch.
Ohhhhh and of cours, it has betwen 190-195HP on the back weel! The gen1 has about 170. The engin is 89cc biger and it went from 152NM to 162NM.
ITs cost more for the new, but it a better bike in every way.

I bought my 06 last year and bought a apartement this year so i am keping my ZZR for a few years more, couse even when the 2012 is much better the old one is stil a very good bike :)

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