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Thread: Pegs

Created on: 10/25/19 04:46 PM

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Location: Kintuckee

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10/25/19 4:46 PM

Lets see some footrest pics

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Location: Arkansas

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RE: Pegs
10/26/19 10:56 AM

I always used Buell Pegs on my last 3 Bikes. Drops your foot 1.25" lower and 0.5" back. Recently I did a search and these are all gone. Now a Collector's item.

To make the Brake Pedal lower I cut the threaded bolt inside the collar.

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Location: Portland, OR

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RE: Pegs
11/06/19 1:38 PM

Knight Design.

Ze Best!

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Bintan Island, Indonesia

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RE: Pegs
11/07/19 7:53 AM

Knight Design foot pegs... excellent product, awful service attitude

my bike fell while being parked, when a drunken club member lost his balance...
besides the fairings horror, the Knight Design right footpeg got bent out of shape
so, i sent an email to Knight's customer service, asking whether i could buy just that right footpeg, instead of a set of two... that stuff is not cheap!
no response...
tried calling them by phone, only to get the robot telling me to "leave a message and we will call you back"
again, not a sign of caring about this lone customer with an atypical issue
... and here i am, 3 emails, 3 recorded messages and a year later, with the stock foot pegs back on the bike

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