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Thread: Dyno chart

Created on: 04/16/14 01:22 PM

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Northamptonshire uk

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Dyno chart
04/16/14 1:22 PM

Hi Guys, Finally back on the air having had to wipe my computer clean !

For a long time I have used my bike with PCV with a map using % throttle against RPM. I am probably going to go to the woolich software route if this doesn't do exactly what I want, and so am just trying some MAP sensor mapping on the turbo before I do , can anyone show me any details of their AFR against boost....Id like to refine my current map further and it would be interesting to look at an alternative to see what afr is good to shoot for. Im pretty sure I had basic info as this ages ago but cant remember how the trend went?
...cheers all.


07 Turbo 14, Meteor grey, cycle part kit modified,IHI turbo ,bosch pump -6 hoses, RRFPR, woolich, 8psi Boost,Flies out, 17/42, road use only,tail tidy, Braided hoses Stainless bolt kit, odyssey. ZX12r rear wheel. Tail tidy. Akrapovic

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RE: Dyno chart
04/22/14 8:26 PM

This turbo thread is pretty much crickets on this forum.
I've ask Romans to respond to your question as his knowledge is vast in this area.
Hopefully he chimes in soon.

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RE: Dyno chart
05/05/14 1:10 PM

grin, my new email I was wondering where you went.

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