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Thread: Does the ZX14 run hot??

Created on: 05/19/17 12:35 AM

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Does the ZX14 run hot??
05/19/17 12:35 AM


I have a ZX14 and it runs very hot with the fan always running. The temp does not go up all the way or over heat, but while riding my right leg has tons of heat coming off the engine. I had a Honda CBR 1100xx and the fan would only come on and off at lights. Never while riding since the air would cool the engine. The 14 seems to be different. Has anyone seen this? Also has anyone went with Engine Ice or something of that nature to keep the engine a little bit cooler? Thanks for your thoughts.

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RE: Does the ZX14 run hot??
05/19/17 7:20 AM

Hi William,
Indeed the ZX14 does run hot. If it's a Gen 1 you can install a second fan on the radiator to help. Engine Ice and Evans Coolant have been recommended here too. My 06 has the fan on anytime I'm not moving or moving below about 20mph. It's been that way since the day I bought it. Doesn't seem to bother the motor at all. Unless the heat on your leg really bothers you I'd just live with it. And it's great for cold days.


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RE: Does the ZX14 run hot??
05/19/17 4:33 PM

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