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Thread: Valuable Info For Trialer Owners

Created on: 03/08/16 07:22 AM

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Valuable Info For Trialer Owners
03/08/16 7:22 AM

I am not sure how many 14 riders own a Kendon fold up trailer, but I wanted to share some really good info. It comes from a guy named Myles who was a Kendon dealer for quite a while. He is also quite the character, He rides his bike (a cruiser, might even be a Harley, but don't hold that against him :)) at 80MPH with his pet Macaw perched, un-teathered on his shoulder. Check out his website at: if you have sometime. In any event, here is the valuable info, some of which, will apply to most trailers in general:

This will help you get the most out of your trailer. It is what I told every buyer.

1) 2" ball set to 20" from the ground to the top of the ball.
2) 4 wire electrical connector.
IMPORTANT: If your ball is to high it will take the weight off the tow ball, causing premature coupler wear

How to prevent Swaying and shaking as well as help your tires last a lot longer: All Kendon Models
Your receiver ball should be a 2" ball, set at EXACTLY 20" from the ground to the top of the ball.
The number one reason a trailer Banging, shakes and / or sways is INCORRECT ball height.
If your ball is to low you will get shaking and swaying as well as a lot of vibration.
It will also make it a lot harder to load and even harder to unload your motorcycle,
The second reason is the ball height is to HIGH. If the ball is to high, you will experience
sever sway and bounce as well as banging every time you take off from a stop and every time you touch your brake.
This position will make it very easy to load and unload, however it will result in the above as well as prematurely ware out
the coupler, possibly drag destroy the spare tire mounted underneath and the swaying will be almost impossible to control at highway speeds.

Here is the best way to get the to get the proper tire pressure for your trailer.
Go to Home Depot / Lowes and purchase a Grease pencil (Yellow or White)
With your Motorcycle(s) loaded and tied down properly and connected to your vehicle.
Look at the tread on the tires. You the grease pencil to make a line across the tread, from the
outside to the inside. So you have a bold grease pencil mark going from the outside tread, to the inside tread.
Next, drive down the road about half a mile. Look at the mark you made across the tire tread.
If it is worn in the middle, there is to much air in the tires. Let some out and do it again. If it is worn on the outside edge(s) there is not enough air in the tires. Add a little and do it again. Repeat this process until the line wears evenly. This will put your tires flat on the ground.

How to tie down your motorcycle: All Kendon Models
This is for the front wheel only. The back is whatever your owners manual says.
Using 12" or longer Soft Ties, Slip it between your front fender and lower fork tube. Right above the lower leg (Fork Tube) This will allow your front suspension to travel up and down without stressing your lower legs.
Tie downs around the handle bars will pull the legs in to the lower leg. Over tighten and you blow a cylinder, to lose and you come unhooked. Doing it as I state above prevents both problems.

2007 ZX14, Midnight Blue/2011 370Z
Albuquerque NM

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RE: Valuable Info For Trialer Owners
03/08/16 2:27 PM

Definitely do watch that ball height. I towed a small trailer, ~8' long x 4' wide. The wheels were too small and this caused the trailer be tipped up in front. It was all over the place after loading it. A trailer that rides high in the front is bound to get loaded back heavy and teeter-totter all over. I drove the whole 200 miles at 45 mph to reduce the trailer whipping around. I would have never trailered my bike like that.

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