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Thread: Ecu part number puzzle

Created on: 08/28/12 02:50 AM

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Ecu part number puzzle
08/28/12 2:50 AM

Greetings...I recently was given an ecu supposedly off a ZX14..part number 21175-0156 F8T99274 but cannot find any record of such a part number on the net..has anyone knowledge on above part number? Thanks...

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RE: Ecu part number puzzle
08/28/12 10:27 AM

I would suggest you take it to a dealer and get them to identify it!.........28/08/2012?


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RE: Ecu part number puzzle
08/29/12 2:10 PM

I don't know what this fits but it isn't assigned to any North American ZX-14 from 2006 to present.

What is your location?

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RE: Ecu part number puzzle
10/20/12 12:39 PM

What is really strange is the reputed part number draws a blank on Google. I can put almost any part number in Google and it will find relevant information. Not for this...

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RE: Ecu part number puzzle
10/20/12 5:56 PM

I looked on CheapcycleParts website... under Fuel and Air are.... 21175A....for the ecu.It's in there...for a 2011 zx14.

Yes...your ECU is a factory unit...the numbers are on that price list down below the diagram.Your ECU is legit. 21175-0156

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