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Thread: Bar End Removal

Created on: 08/14/14 09:53 PM

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Bar End Removal
08/14/14 9:53 PM

I know this seems so simple and I'm sure it is.I just want to assure I avoid problems by removing the stock bar ends.
I can't stand these stock bar ends on my 010 and I plan to change grips,levers & bar ends.
I'm just curious if anyone knows if these bar ends are secured with a locking agent as those I removed from my ZZR.
If so,do you think heating the mount bolt will free the bolt from the locktite? Any tips or ideas appreciated!

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RE: Bar End Removal
08/14/14 11:47 PM

The heavier and rubberized factory bar ends do dampen vibration, but not noticeably. I don't notice the difference when I switch to the heavy Throttlemeister bar ends. Yes.... red loctite on those factory bolts. I don't use any when I'm switching. I suggest to use blue loctite if you really want to be sure. The bolts should come out without heat. Just make sure the bike is stable and be sure to use a properly fitting allen key or drive and be firm when you undo it. Don't be shy with it.

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