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Thread: oil drain

Created on: 05/23/09 02:32 PM

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oil drain
05/23/09 2:32 PM

been on with making up the bits for my 06 turbo conversion, can anyone tell me for theose with the atp setup where the ooil drain goes back into the sump please..........i dont want to run the evac pump just for the reliability,asthetics and added weight maybe even a photo as ive not been able to see on those previously posted, many thanks

07 Turbo 14, Meteor grey, cycle part kit modified,IHI turbo ,bosch pump -6 hoses, RRFPR, woolich, 8psi Boost,Flies out, 17/42, road use only,tail tidy, Braided hoses Stainless bolt kit, odyssey. ZX12r rear wheel. Tail tidy. Akrapovic

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RE: oil drain
05/31/09 4:41 PM


You will mod the oil pan, drill a new hole on the right back, lower side, so that when you install the supplied ATP fitting, the finger pipe slips into the new threaded hole/mount which is welded into place, and the end of the pipe finger just touches the oil pickup tube inside the oil pan. You will 'notch (small arch)' out a very small portion of the end of the pickup tube, so that the finger pipe will just 'meet' with the oil pickup tube, thus the 'suction' of the pickup tube will also help with evacuating the oil from the return line from the turbo.

Initially I did not need a scavange pump (with the dump pipe), but after the exhaust and muffler mounting later, there was too much of a valley in my return line for the pickup tube to effectively pull out the oil from the return line and fitting.

I checked the finger tube and the fitting placement of the fitting, it was all per instructions and was correct, and you could feel the 'suction', but it was still just not enough.

You can see where the aluminum fitting is on the left of this pic. (right lower rear side of the oil pan):

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