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Thread: Brocks CT Single System Fitting Problems

Created on: 12/08/22 12:15 PM

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Brocks CT Single System Fitting Problems
12/08/22 12:15 PM

I'm trying to get this CT System fitted and its turning into a nightmare. 2012 Gen2

One of the Header Pipes hits the back of the Radiator, 2 of the Sump Bolts hit the Headers down where they meet the Collector.
I've spent hours now trying to get this System to fit. I'm out of ideas.

Any advice will be much appreciated

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Cheers From England Andy

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RE: Brocks CT Single System Fitting Problems
12/09/22 6:33 AM

If it's close and just needs a little clearance, then use a Mallet.

Wouldn't be the first time I've had to use a mallet to create a little
space here and there on a exhaust system.

Yes, kinda sucks that a brand new expensive exhaust doesn't fit
perfect, but sometimes it has to be done.

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RE: Brocks CT Single System Fitting Problems
12/09/22 10:59 AM

Just remember that the 1st hit with a mallet means it cannot go back to the vendor. Sometimes adjustments have to be made with a mallet but that depends if you feel like sending it back or not.

I just like Mr Piken have made "adjustments" to help the fit .....

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RE: Brocks CT Single System Fitting Problems
12/09/22 8:49 PM

Loosen everything.Remove springs.Start at header.Check fitment at exhaust port seals.All the way in?Don't fully tighten the bolts in case you need to wiggle something.It looks like in your top pic the header needs to move back as much as possible.It doesn't seem lined up somehow.Maybe check it and if tight,loosen then make sure the seals are even and flat in the'll probably need to give em a good shoving)(lol)if they feel stuck or something.All other pipe connections loose?
I've had at least 2 brock's systems.On the 14r,2012,2013.They NEVER just slide right in.You are using a bit of lube on those?

Scenario 2...your radiator has over time shifted back a few cm.
Scenario instructions....LOL.j/k.

* Last updated by: Grn14 on 12/9/2022 @ 8:51 PM *

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