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Thread: Super Sunday Ride Florida 12/20/2009

Created on: 12/17/09 07:36 PM

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Super Sunday Ride Florida 12/20/2009
12/17/09 7:36 PM

Let's keep it going. The rides have been awesome, and the weather hopefully will be the same for us.

- Sunoco = 8:30am 1385 N Broadway Ave, Bartow, FL?
- Pull Out = 9:00am
For any who wants to meet earlier:
- Breakfast at Denny's = 8am
(All of the above is in Bartow, FL.)

It would be nice to see some new faces on the ride. So come on... Grab a friend or neighbor. Although the ride is labled "Super", bring a passenger, or ride a cruiser, it really doesn't matter. We wait at all stop signs or turn-offs, and try to not get split.

Note to newbies:
The way you keep from getting lost or split is; Everyone looks out for 1 rider, the rider behind them. If the 1 rider behind you disappears, you stop or wait. This will trickle all the way to the front. The person who has NO ONE behind them gives the thumbs up when you get to where everyone is waiting.

See you Sunday...
Speed Safe!

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