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Thread: AMA Roadside Assistance

Created on: 02/24/09 12:00 AM

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AMA Roadside Assistance
02/24/09 9:11 AM

Noticed this a few weeks ago and signed up:

Never Ride Alone with AMA Roadside Assistance

It's free with an AMA membership if you let them auto-renew it each year. It looks like a pretty good deal. You can sign up here. The $39/year "AMA Champion" membership includes this. -bg

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RE: AMA Roadside Assistance
07/28/09 11:46 AM

I just seen it in a bike mag article,, about a dad dropping his kid off at college and then leaving him half way there,, only to have the kids bike break down.

$39 a year,, upto 35miles towing upto 4 times a year. Includes car, rv's, boats, atv's.

See how it goes.

You do have to sign up for the reoccuring auto billing , champion plan.

I got my card printed out right after I signed up.

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