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Thread: 83 GS750E

Created on: 04/24/24 12:39 PM

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83 GS750E
04/24/24 12:39 PM

Hi, me again

I have a classic 1983 GS750E in decent shape for sale in the Redding California area.
Original rare black chrome pipes
New stator cover
Carbs, brakes, forks all rebuilt
Valves adjusted
New chain and sprockets
Seat not torn
Manual petcock
Was running but it's now been sitting in storage for over a year with a full tank with Stabil in it

Carbs need more fiddling
Needs tires
Fairing needs to be painted

Comes with some spare parts and factory service manual
As it sits I'm asking $1500

Pm me for more pictures.


Owner of KNGKAW.

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RE: 83 GS750E
04/26/24 4:56 AM

I remember those, I had a 1982 Katana at the time and my buddy bought one of those in the silver/blue color. Cool bike!

2013 ZX-14r
2015 S 1000rr

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