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Thread: Going again

Created on: 08/26/20 09:52 AM

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Going again
08/26/20 9:52 AM

So, a new neighbor moved in. He's got a modified VStrom 1000 and just bought a 2020 MT09. He invited a friend, Mark, on a 1290 Superduke. We did our first Breakfast Loop in very hazy skies due to the fires burning down in the Bay Area. Both guys are very good riders and, for once, I wasn'ht the ride leader. I actually had to work pretty hard to keep up with them. We were on very tight roads and both their bikes would squirt out of corners. Took mine longer to build up a head of steam. It was good to be riding the competent guys again


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RE: Going again
09/18/20 8:22 PM

I was reading that a MT-09 weighs 425lb but only carries 3.7 gallons of fuel. It needs better suspension and a seat.
I'm thinking it would be a great ride for my tighter curvy roads.

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