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Thread: Differences explained

Created on: 01/06/12 06:48 AM

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Brisbane, Australia

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Differences explained
01/06/12 6:48 AM

This PDF explains the different models throughout the world. We only get Black, mutter...mutter!!!


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RE: Differences explained
01/06/12 7:00 AM

Be thankful that you're not saddled with that goofy 106 HP WVTA (whole vehicle type approval) model that some European markets are stuck with. I'd say you guys get one of the most beautiful version offered!

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RE: Differences explained
01/07/12 1:39 PM

Hi Neilp,

Thanks for the link. Kawi have answered my prayers...

Torque is strong enough to pull away from lights in almost any gear: at
2,000 rpm there is 9.5 kgf/m of torque available! And this figure jumps.
significantly from 3,000 rpm

That's 93.6Nm at 2,000rpm!!!
(torque units calculator)

That's it. Now I want one!

I'm OK with black, but the blue one is looking nice, and the green one too.

Hey, another Brissy boy! cool

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RE: Differences explained
01/10/12 9:34 AM

Very helpful - thanks for posting

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RE: Differences explained
01/10/12 5:25 PM

Cool info. Thanks!

Kskid for 1-2 is ignition only. Mode-3 bangs all fuel/ign/sub. You need to turn off Mode-1 on each key cycle; which is a good idea.

The 5 millisecond reader software, lets you fart around with Mode-1-2 with limited wheelies - Up to a point. Mode-3 is ditch the fenders once the light changes green = Mode-Safe getaway. 'Siren sounds...' I stopped you because you were driving reckless... Ha, office sir, I killed my bike, key on... See Mode-3 on?... Show me your lic/reg... No, office sir, Mode-3 will she you in court... You have no clue MODE-OFF is sir is now write me up!

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