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Thread: Field of Daffodils

Created on: 03/20/20 11:09 AM

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Field of Daffodils
03/20/20 11:09 AM

There is an open field by Greers Ferry Dam site and I never thought anything about it. I've been here on many occasions since moving to this part of the Country. March 20 I found a nicely arranged field of Daffodils. Planted like Headstones at our National Memorial Cemeteries. I got out on my Bike in between rainstorms.
It was 73 degrees. It was snowing hard back in Denver which is one of the reasons I left Colorado. Do more Riding than shoveling. Those who live in the Snowbelt, I'm thinking about you when I'm riding.

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RE: Field of Daffodils
03/20/20 7:52 PM

Had a couple wild ones sprout in the yard, wife said don't mow them! They are still there every year since.

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