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Thread: Kawabusa

Created on: 10/25/20 05:58 PM

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10/25/20 5:58 PM

I was reading a thread at "south Bay" and someone posted a photo of this Bike.

I'm surprised "Rook" has not built this kind of Bike.

Posted article

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RE: Kawabusa
10/27/20 3:32 AM

I'm surprised "Rook" has not built this kind of Bike.

I would put a 14R engine in my 08 ZX-14. The busa engine stays with the busa.

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RE: Kawabusa
10/27/20 9:40 AM


It's not the color but the lines. Nice tank. From the side covers back...

If you look at the green one... line says...

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RE: Kawabusa
01/12/21 11:58 PM

That thing looks badass!


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RE: Kawabusa
01/13/21 11:55 AM

They did a very good job.
On our forum a guy put an engine out of a ZRX1200 into a first generation Concourse.
Converted it from chain drive to shaft even. Clever people.


Owner of KNGKAW.

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