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Thread: -1, +1 Wow!

Created on: 09/18/15 07:02 PM

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Daytona Beach, Fl

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-1, +1 Wow!
09/18/15 7:02 PM

Well couple weeks ago I did the -1 routine thing...and was very impressive......

Then last night put on a new +1 rear sprocket, today did the test ride. Wowowowowowow!!!!!

Brutal smooth acceleration, there is no other word other than for around $50.00 for both sprockets, it feels like I breathed new life into the 14r.

This is just for the street enjoyment here in these mountains...not track, nor racing someone.....just feeling the power and knowing you have it a couple seconds with the twist of your wrist makes you proud....

The 14r has to be the most fantastic sport bike out there hands down......! Kawasaki really knows what they are doing...wonder what they will be making 10 years from now!

My GPS tells me that it is 4 mph at speed than what the stock speedo is indicating 60 mph, on my speedo, my gps tells me I am actually doing 56 mph......

Is anyone getting similar results?


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Manchester, Connecticut

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RE: -1, +1 Wow!
09/18/15 7:17 PM

how does the tc react to it? hows the rpms at cruising?

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Location: Montana

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RE: -1, +1 Wow!
09/18/15 8:19 PM


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RE: -1, +1 Wow!
09/18/15 9:15 PM

Smat I'm running -1,+2 with no hesitation.

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RE: -1, +1 Wow!
09/18/15 11:04 PM

Having a bit of a brain fart, lol.

But on the 14r - speed shown is tone ring dependent, gearing doesn't change that. right?

Tire size, or tire wear will affect it also; but I'd imagine the difference between a new tire and a fully worn one will only be a mph or so at freeway speeds. I think when my tire was new, I was 2-3mph off at 70 mph when I checked.

Switch to a 190/55 and it will change the speedo. Might even make it more accurate than the stock size.

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VicThing's Gravatar

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RE: -1, +1 Wow!
09/19/15 8:03 PM

Rod you are correct. Speed is read from the rear ABS ring so gearing doesn't matter, tire size will just as you say.

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Location: Dayton Ohio

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RE: -1, +1 Wow!
09/24/15 1:58 PM

Does this cause higher RPM at the speeds? I am guessing yes, but asking because I don't "know".

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RE: -1, +1 Wow!
09/24/15 2:15 PM

Does this cause higher RPM at the speeds? I am guessing yes, but asking because I don't "know".

If you're asking if your RPMs will be up for the same speed then yes. If you're asking if the speedo will be off due to a gear change then the answer is no.

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Location: UK

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RE: -1, +1 Wow!
09/24/15 2:27 PM

Gearing down on the final drive means a higher rpm reading for any given speed compared to stock and ultimately a lower top speed at red line. It won't alter the speedo accuracy. A slightly taller rear tyre should make the speedo more accurate (as measured with gps etc) as it under reads slightly when stock as most speedos seem to do.

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