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Thread: Central Florida

Created on: 02/03/11 09:57 AM

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MachIV's Gravatar

Location: Ocala

Joined: 02/03/11

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Central Florida
02/03/11 9:57 AM

TST Cycles
1605 N.Magnolia Ave.
Ocala Fl.
Tues-Fri 11am-7pm
Sat. 11am-3pm

Truck,trailer,tire machine and tools.
Help within a 50 mile radius.
Call anytime,I am here a lot working on my own bikes after hours or hanging
here with friends working on their bikes.

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Joined: 09/22/12

Posts: 52

RE: Central Florida
10/02/12 10:52 PM

I would have stop by your plaec when I picked up my bike at palm city acouple of days ago...

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Olongapo City, Philippines

Joined: 01/14/13

Posts: 44

RE: Central Florida
03/13/13 1:10 PM

Hi Mach, Anywhere to rent a bike in ocala now? I'll be coming home from overseas for a week in April and would love to rent a bike instead of a car.

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