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Thread: 2006 ZX14 for sale $5900

Created on: 09/11/20 02:27 PM

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2006 ZX14 for sale $5900
09/11/20 2:27 PM

Perfect condition Ninja 1400 for sale. Adult owned. Bike was stock most of it's life. I'm the second owner. I chose to do some tasteful mods including the following:
1. Guhl Motors ECU flash
2. Full Sato Racing titanium exhaust
3. EBC front rotors and new EBC HH pads
4. Removed all badging for a clean look.
5. Smoke double bubble windshield
6. Smoked turn signal lenses and taillight.
7. LED headlights and marker lights
8. Suspension (fork tubes and rear shock) sent to Traxxion Dynamics for a full service and upgrade including custom compression and rebound valves, new oil, new springs, new bushings, fork tubes polished for low resistance. $1300.
9. Heated grips
10. Dual USB outlets
11. Battery tender lead installed
12. Tech Spec tank protectors $80.
13. Michelin Road 5 tires last fall, currently have 2000 miles on them.

I'm probably forgetting some other stuff. Anyway, I've accumulated too many bikes for our single car garage and would like to let this one go. Absolutely perfect condition. Located in zipcode 17557

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RE: 2006 ZX14 for sale $5900
09/22/20 12:24 PM

How many miles does she have?

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