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Thread: 2018 H2 SXSE for sale in Arkansas

Created on: 10/16/20 05:51 PM

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2018 H2 SXSE for sale in Arkansas
10/16/20 5:51 PM

I have been browsing my State's motorcycle Dealers and found a 2018 H2 SXSE with 9000 miles at a Honda Dealer in Springdale, $17,999-offer less. The Guy probably traded for a Goldwing.

Freedom Powersports in Fayetteville has 2-1290 Super Duke R at good prices, too.
2017 has Electronic Cruise Control.

I"m looking for a 2nd Bike, used with 100HP and 450lbs. Any suggestions? No Wheelie Bikes.

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RE: 2018 H2 SXSE for sale in Arkansas
10/17/20 1:21 AM

If I want different, 6k and change out the door for the high miler ktm. That way, I have 10k still in the bank for the next gen H. If buyer remorse kicks in, I'm not out that much I need a second bike, someone slap me as I want to test a Harley Wire myself.

Forget a wheelie bike then. Has the torque to loft with very little effort... ask me how I know. Then again, has less compression than the other one with 14k on it. Your out is the H, because yeah it wheelies, but all it takes is one fire off of that piston and up you go. The H takes a little more rpm.

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RE: 2018 H2 SXSE for sale in Arkansas
10/17/20 9:37 AM

I wouldn't recommend the 2018 SESX.To realize this model's potential,ya need to find an SE+ model..2019 or 2020.Let the Kawi electronics work it's magic on your suspension.Poeple will be selling em.It's not a Harley.Or Goldwing.I'm very satisfied with mine.

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