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Thread: $50 Pazzos ! feel great

Created on: 02/22/13 03:18 PM

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$50 Pazzos ! feel great
02/22/13 3:18 PM

Snagged them off ebay, since they were so cheap ! feel real good ! of course you would have to have a blue bike, but it worked for me !

* Last updated by: carabuser on 2/22/2013 @ 3:37 PM *

2012 ZX 14R, Cblast ECU Flash, (RECOMENDED !!!!) 2 Brother slipons, ZG marc 1 windscreen, yosh fender eliminator, Pazzo Levers, Powerbronze hugger, heli bars, competition werks footpegs, Throttlemeister Cruise Control, CF Heel Guards,

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RE: $50 Pazzos ! feel great
02/22/13 6:31 PM

very NICE and I WOULD HAVE LOVED to have gotten that deal. Musta been a private party selling a single pair for soem extra dough. Too bad for him.

I have blue Pazzo shorties and love the look. Weight is negligeable but the feel is good. I felt a slight click in the clutch lever since I installed. it got worse ntil it actually started sticking. Quite dangerous to take off and have the clutch snap on you. The problem was NOT the pivot. everything fine there. It was the "fulcrum" area where the piston switch seats. I squirted a good dose of silicone lube right in that well where the piston goes and it has been perfectly smooth operating for several K miles.

Love my Pazzos and almost all aftermarket stuff. Must hand it to Kaw on the design of some OEM parts. The OEM levers are one example of the finest Kaw engineering. Lightweight and perfect operation. Pazzos are mostly an appearance IMHO but very nice on any sportbike.

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RE: $50 Pazzos ! feel great
02/22/13 6:38 PM

They look most excellent...good find!

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RE: $50 Pazzos ! feel great
02/23/13 4:18 AM

Great deal, they look awesome

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