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Thread: 0Need upgraded parts for 2020 14r-

Created on: 10/17/20 05:51 PM

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I need upgraded parts for 2020 14r Black and Green color
10/17/20 5:51 PM

Hey guys.....

Just bought a new 2020 14r and want to do some upgrades to it is the Black and Green Ninja. Interested in buying new or slightly used performance parts like....

Slip on Exhaust or full system....prefer Brock, Akrapovic, or Two Brothers Carbon Fiber cans would be nice too.

Center stand.

Upgraded custom seat, green, like a Sargeant one piece for passenger.

Front Bar risers.....stock height just too low for my comfort.....not the cheap blocks.

Upgraded brake and clutch levers.

Touring tinted windshield.

Backrest for Sargent type seat.

Tank bag quick release type, and mounting bracket

Black ISO Kuryaykn Grips.

Black and green bar ends.

Green spools for rear wheel stand.

Fuse box for additional electrical upgrades like radar detector, camera, phone etc.

Nice frame sliders.

Lowering links.

Don't want any abused or beat up parts, have a new bike and want nice accessories for it.

In central Florida near Daytona Beach, Fl



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