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Thread: Traxxion Fork & Shock service

Created on: 11/05/22 10:01 AM

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Traxxion Fork & Shock service
11/05/22 10:01 AM

In the '21-'22 off season (November '21) I had Traxxion Dynamics service my '13s forks and shock. In this case, I had them rebuilt and basic cartridge upgrade. The cost at that time was $1200 + s&h to and from.

Overall my experience was positive. They tuned them to my specified rider weight, also possibly taking into account riding style and expectations. I'm not certain to what extent they took anything into account but ass-factor says they did a good enough job I feel like it was worth it. The ride does seem a little more stable than stock and I would say overall hitting bumps is less disruptive to the bike. I also feel like there's slightly less braking dive, which is something customer service stated I would experience.

I have no (track times, etc.) numbers before or after, so take ass-factor for what it's worth. Generally, other's have also seemed to have satisfactory results and Traxxion was pretty well known for ZX-14s at some time, although they seem to mostly be known for Gold Wings at this time (and now that Gold Wings are done?).

Turn Around Time

In my particular case, they were able to turn around faster than their stated dates I believe they had them 3 days and stated it would be 10. They returned the OE springs and cartridge parts, and the return packaging was sufficient.

They provided a shock dyno results and some other information. Based on their tuning, they used 7w in my forks instead of the stock 5w. They also detected small tolerance issues with the fork shafts and corrected them.

Not much in the bling area, they put small stickers on the forks and that is it. The shock spring was gray, so nothing special there as far as standing out. Maybe you can ask for a colored spring or something, but I didn't ask.

Minor issues
The spring the put on the rear shock had a few scuffs and chips in the finish, and one of my fork legs had a scuff on a corner that was not there when I shipped it out. I didn't feel like either of these were significant enough for me to complain about, but someone might so you may want to carefully inspect your parts depending on how much of a stickler you are.

Would I recommend/and or use again? Yes and yes.

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