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Thread: strange problem

Created on: 04/12/15 07:14 PM

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strange problem
04/12/15 7:14 PM

hello all, well I took my 14R out for the second time after taking it out of hibernation. The problem is that the fuel gauge reads full and the range gauge reads something different, I checked the fuel in the tank and it wasn't full, probably a half of tank, also the economy light stays on no matter how hard I push her. Is there a way to reset the system or should I bring it in to the dealership for warranty repair.

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RE: strange problem
04/12/15 7:32 PM

Not a mechanic, but I'd unhook the battery for a few minutes and see if that does anything.

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RE: strange problem
04/12/15 8:06 PM

also the economy light stays on no matter how hard I push her.

Something like the dash light staying on rings a code sort of not shutting off as usual. Lets top the bike off and start riding it. See if it clears. While you are filling up the tank, take notes. Run the trip and start matching bike to mpg.

Short of these guys finding a code set in the ECU, it's a phantom code from here. That's why I say to get the bike's float to rub the crap off it from sitting. Who knows? Keep riding. Ride to the dealer and see if they can download a code saved?

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RE: strange problem
04/12/15 11:33 PM

Mine did almost the same thing when it was brand new, what Hub said. fill it up, and see
if it goes back to normal, mine did ...

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RE: strange problem
04/13/15 7:07 AM

When mine do this, I ride 100 miles and refill and it may take 2 or 3 cycles of this wash the gel off.

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